Business Coaching, Getting back to work Coaching, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Wedding Coaching, Career Development, Employee Advice

Business Coaching, Getting Back to Work Coaching, Performance Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Development, Post Redundancy Coaching, Employee Advice

Coaching is an interactive process that supports individuals and organisations to develop more rapidly and achieve their defined goals and aspirations. Coaching is action orientated, future focused and ultimately an investment in the individual or organisation.

When a coach works with an individual or organisation they are not there to provide the answers instead they are working in partnership with the individual or organisation as they find their own answers and solutions. In otherwords the role of the coach is to help the individual or organisation further enhance and build upon existing skills, resources and natural creativity.

People Development Coaching offers a range of coaching services some of which are very much focused for the business user whilst others are focused on the individual:

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  • Major Transitions
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  • Maternity / Shared Parental Leave
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  • Return to Work
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  • Career
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  • Apprentices
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  • Graduates
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  • Outplacement
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  • Post Redundancy Coaching
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  • Unexpected Life Events
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Major Transitions

People Development Coaching believes a major transition is anything in your career or indeed life that results in you finding yourself outside your comfort zone. Alternatively, it might be you are trying something very different or new. Coaching is therefore an excellent tool that supports the individual as they work their way through their major transition without being over anxious, becoming stressed or at risk of giving up.

Maternity / Shared Parental Leave

Legislation today allows mums up to 12 months maternity leave or to share their maternity leave and with the pace of change this means that much can happen in the workplace during this time. Coaching can be provided pre and post leave to allows the employee feel that they are part of the organisation; providing value and then able to fully re-engage when they return.

Return to Work

Staff who have been absent from work for a lengthy period of time can find it difficult to fit back into the organisation. During their time away faces could have changed; indeed, the focus of the business could now be very different. A suite of coaching sessions can provide valuable support to the individual as they adjust and settle back into their role in the organisation.


Career coaching is an excellent addition or key element of your Talent Management Strategies and Programmes. Alternatively, you may have staff who have found themselves at a u2018cross roadsu2019 and need some support to continue with the organisation in the right role.nnA series of coaching sessions can help individuals once again identify their opportunities and career aspirations.

Supporting Structured Developmentn

Coaching is an excellent addition to an organisationu2019s structured development programme. Examples of how coaching enhances your programmes are:


Joining the workforce for the first time is about real change and for many this is the first time they are experiencing full time work. A series of coaching sessions can provide the support the apprentice needs to help them make that transition from school to work.


After investing significantly in their graduates learning organisations are often faced with the challenge of retaining them. Providing coaching to your graduates as they approach the end of their structured learning allows them to achieve clarity as to the available next steps of their career with you.


Unfortunately, there are times when organisations have to reduce their workforce. As part of People Development Coachingu2019s Outplacement Service coaching allows the individual to be supported whilst identifying what is the next right step for them and then as they work towards making this happen.

Post Redundancy Coaching

Finding yourself being made redundant is often a real shock to an individual particularly if they didnu2019t expect it to happen to them. How quickly an individual recovers from this shock and its possible implications is important in how they recover from the shock and ultimately feel able and capable of finding their next opportunity. A series of practically focused coaching sessions with People Development Coaching can provide the one to one support needed.

Unexpected Life Events

Life in general likes to keep us on our toes and often we find ourselves suddenly and expectantly dealing with a major life event. Perhaps a change in health, accident or need to make a geographical move is thrust upon. This can be very unsettling and may leave us wondering what next. A short series of life coaching sessions with People Development Coaching will allow you to once again attain clarity and understanding of what is now right for you.

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